Why you should learn CAD Modelling

Why you should learn CAD Modelling

It’s 2020 and already a lot of young creative 3D designers are coming up in this era. Right now new 3D Designers are exponentially increasing. Which doesn’t mean that everyone is creative and making problem-solving designs? Some may make cute little things that may make them happy for a minute or two. 3D Designs which improves and makes life easier for humanity comprises only less than 1% of the Total 3D Designs designed in the world. So basically everyone should learn CAD Modelling. Well nobody starts a professional, but anyone can say that I’m a newbie or Beginner to CAD Modelling.

Beginner Tools 

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Hey Beginner Designers, you can start with the most simple tool to design your first-ever design, Tinkercad. It’s a very easy software kind of like MS-Paint for CAD Modelling, which comprises of basic elements to add in and make your beautiful first 3D Model. Mostly people who use Tinkercad will 3D Print simple structures for printing in their Creality Ender 3D Printers. 

TinkerCAD is also used for education purposes in Schools and Other Education centers. Most of the people who choose TinkerCAD have no experience in CAD Modelling. It’s the best way for a beginner to start with. In 2 weeks of practice, you can easily learn how to design complex structures. 

Here is a review of TinkerCAD left by a Beginner Product Designer

“Tinkercad is one of the easiest and handiest tools for product design. It helps me a lot in designing some of the products from an easy to moderate level. Because we use 3D printing for the initial phase this tool is beneficial and makes product design more comfortable and faster.” 

Do you have a 3D Printer?

3D Printers are lucky, Cause they can design and print their own design easily. Every 3D Printer should learn the nuances of CAD modeling for the desired print they needed. Every Design is one of a kind, some may not be the right fit for 3D Printers, at the time they can change, edit, remix the STL Files at their level best. Auguth’s Major 3D Printer ZedA Designs have eminent Designers and as well as 3D Printing machines for making an easy flow of 3D Printing auguth’s designs for the buyers. CAD Modelling is definitely helpful for a 3D Printer to test and implement his creative prints in the future. If you have a 3D Printer in India You can partner with auguth

Careful in creativity

Most of the creativity comes by experience. When you are starting out don’t freak out if you can’t able to make a revolutionary design. Just relax back and chill. Everything needs patience. Also, remember that you can’t do a world-class design on a beginner platform. You need to slowly learn 3D Modelling on one these either: AutoDesk Maya, AutoDesk AutoCAD, Fusion360, Blender. These are the recommendations from Top Designers worldwide. Yes, you can absolutely experiment with other software as well at your convenience. My personal recommendation would be Fusion 360 from AutoDesk

Ready to Earn !

Finally, after learning and designing multiple products on your CAD Software, Did you think of giving life to your Designs? You can for free, with no cost for submission or anything. You can submit your Designs and get a 5% commission for each and every sale purchased for the real product 3d printed and shipped to all over the world in 48 hrs. Auguth is the best site to bring life for your CAD Designs. You can, we print, you earn. You can also add your logo/name in the design for your brand awareness.


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