The 3D Printed Gadgets of auguth

The 3D Printed Gadgets of auguth

3D Printing is the new emerging form of creating innovative products. It can be accessed and created by anyone, anywhere around the world using software such as the CAD model or a digital 3D model. The final product is later printed using a 3D printer, with the material of plastic, metal, resin, nylon, etc. It’s widely emerging due to its rapid prototyping ability. Also, it can create very complex shapes or geometrical figures which would be very hard to be done manually or by a machine. 

Gadgets are something we all use and are extremely essential in our daily life be it from a simple mobile stand to the big televisions. According to early definitions, a gadget is a metal rod with a spring clip that grips the foot of a vessel and so avoids the use of a pontil. Gadgets were first used in the late 18th century. They are sometimes referred to as gizmos. AUGUTH has a wide range of such simple gadgets that can make our lives simpler in small ways. Various designers from across the world pitch in and create their innovative ideas and we help them by creating a marketing space for such models.

 Universal Headphone Stand is one such product used to place hold your headphones, which we quite often tend to misplace or throw away on the bed or somewhere untidily. This product is something we often think about, only if we had such a thing to make our lives easier and yes, it does even if it is in a small way possible. This stand does a great favor especially to those gamers using headphones regularly. It’s free-standing and easy to use. It suits almost any headphones. If you want somewhere to place your headphones, this is just the thing you need.

Another lifesaving product for those iPhone users would be the iPhone Amplifier Stand, which serves as a stand as well as a sound amplifier. Solutions for our mug and cardboard speakers have evolved finally. It holds your iPhone up on its side, with the buttons facing up with effective and louder audio manually. 

Talking about stands, the most necessary phone stands that’s most required in our current life, to watch movies, YouTube, presentations, click pics or easy access while driving, and so on. For this, we introduce the Grab/Release Phone Stand. It is a great design in terms of function and style. It supports multiple viewing angles and is structured with a quick grab/release mechanism. Currently, this stand is mostly applicable to larger phones.

Another product I’d like to mention is the Earphone guys. It does sound funny and honestly; it is a fun yet useful product. We get super mad on how our earphone cables keep entangling constantly, for such people, this is the solution. It provides a practical, fun, and very cool way to keep them tidy. The concept is very simple and can be done in a matter of seconds. They work with all kinds of earphones, the loop one or normal ones.

Hearing about these products, sounds cool and productive – well yes, they are! AUGUTH comes with such cool and exciting products on sale. It’s something we all need to check out and buy.

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