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Printers can see and choose what they want to print and select their favourite models

First bid Acquires 3D designs

The first printer to place a bid will be receiving the rights to print the product and sell through auguth.

Free Plaform for Home Printers

Home Printers are invited in auguth's 3D Printing Platform that provides solution for human problems

80% Pay for every transaction

Printers are paid 80% of the total payment of every order placed in auguth

Earning per gram

Cost of Production
Selling Price (Rupees)
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For a 30 gram Product

Cost of Production + Packaging
Selling Price
0 %
Your Payment
70 %
Profit Marigin


Most frequently asked questions

Should have a 3D Printer

Minimum of 3-4 Colour Filaments

Have a good understanding in Packaging the Product

Mostly PLA filament. If there is any other filament, the support representative will revert you.

After the order, the Printer would be provided with the shipping label and Invoice to his Contact Details. After Packaging the order he/she can tell us to make a pickup request.

The 3D models you choose and bid for printing can be a single print or multiple prints. You can take a look at the 3D Designs on designs.auguth.com 

Poly Bags and Bubble Wraps should be used to Pack the Product. The printer shall make sure that the product will deliver in the exact mint condition without any damage. 

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