Imagine the future without 3D Printing.

Imagine the future without 3D Printing.

Could you imagine the world without 3D Printing? Mostly famous inventions, innovative ideas, thought-provoking theories are all started with a question. But here this question represents a catastrophe. Certainly, We all can’t imagine a world without travel, a world without computers, a world without mobile phones but we can convey that the world without 3D Printing is possible, the answer is no. A World without 3D Printing can lead to severe problems and normal human life will be troubled by a world without 3D Printing. Let’s discuss one by one is an orderly fashion.

Money grows on Trees

If a person like you starts a startup with a little amount of money and designs a product for bringing it to the market and make people’s life easier, for the prototype development the startup founder will choose Additive Manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing is also known as 3D Printing. If there is no 3D Printing invented at all then, probably they have to choose Injection molds or Subtractive Manufacturing which costs a lot. It will be like if you would like to know how Apple tastes you have to buy a tree full of Apples. Injection Molding and other methods of manufacturing can only help with producing dozens of units for stocking in inventory. So clearly without 3D Printing Prototyping is impossible.

Hobbyist Culture’s End

Millions of 3D Printing Hobbyists are there on this planet. Most of them print for fun and happiness. People who have Enders and Prusas will be printing all the stuff which attracts their eyes on Cults3D, Thingiverse, MyminiFactory, etc. Hobbyist Culture will be dead if 3D Printing wasn’t there. 3D Printing paved the way for an. individual to manufacture anything in his home garage with very little space for the machine. Usually, these 3D Printing machines are compact and require very little space. So, in conclusion, the Hobbyist 3D Printing Culture wouldn’t be there if 3D Printing doesn’t exist.

No spark for Creativity

Right now in this decade most of the 3D Designers are having 3D Printers in their home to test their designs. This sparks a level of creativity, trial, and error mechanism on 3D Designers. If 3D Printers weren’t there 3D Designers won’t be creative enough to make designs on CAD Softwares and produce awesome looking designs on the go. 3D Printers are becoming handy nowadays that anyone ca manufacture anything in their home. 3D Printing sparks the creativity in a 3D Designer to work, test, and modify their models.


Just like the world without mobiles, the world without 3D Printing will be possible. But it will be a disaster for both people and businesses. So, 3D Printing is practically a better way for the future to test, build, adapt future products. And also you can sell without having an inventory. 

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