This is a 3D Printer

How to 3D Print for the first time?

Sounds like we are going to manufacture our own Pistol …
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3D Printed houses in mexico

Living inside 3D Printed Houses & Buildings before 2030

By 2030 you can able to see Giant 3D Printers …
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Future without 3D Printing?

Imagine the future without 3D Printing.

Could you imagine the world without 3D Printing? Mostly famous …
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3D Printing image

First Experience in 3D Printing

I decided to give myself a try in the new …
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3D Printed Prosthetics

Changes that Brought 3D Printing in Medical industry.

Surgeons, students, dentists, 3D printing is becoming one of the …
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This is colour flower pot from auguth

Your 3D Printed Home Garden

Gardening has garnered a lot of interest in the resent …
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Strange things 3d Printed

5 Strange things 3d Printed

In the 1980s when 3d printing was first invented it …
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Friendly 3D Designers takes an exciting step towards shaping future

Usually, people won’t think about how a product is made …
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Why we changed 3D Printing Business from B2B to B2C.

Usually, every invention developed starts as a piece of industrial …
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3D Printing and It’s advantages

Over a million years ago the early humans had made …
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Stressed out man

The pain of writing blogs about 3D Printing

You may wonder on seeing the topic, I guess many …
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Why you should learn CAD Modelling

It’s 2020 and already a lot of young creative 3D …
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This is phone stand from auguth

The 3D Printed Gadgets of auguth

3D Printing is the new emerging form of creating innovative …
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